Houston contractor insures business compliance to handicap construction guidelines, laws and codes of current ADA and Texas Accessibility Standards.

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Compliance to the ADA Guidelines and Texas Accessibility Standards can...
Keep Your Houston Business Profitable!

Your business is your source of income, bringing you wealth and happiness. But what if instead it's a liability, a massive lawsuit waiting to happen? Well, that's exactly what it is if it's not compliant with the handicap accessibility codes.

Understanding how to comply with handicapped construction regulations can be a real challenge! Details are often overlooked by inexperienced contractors, costing you valuable time and money. We have the experience (we've saved our clients thousands of dollars because we understand the code) to help you meet all the guidelines of the ADA and Texas Accessibility Standards.

In order to help you make sure your business isn't a liability, we remodel and provide handicapped modifications to make your business accessible. (Besides, wouldn't you want to make sure that everyone, including the disabled and elderly, can enjoy the benefits of your business?)

Some of the services we provide:

Business Compliance to the ADA

The ADA is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and ensures access to all public accommodations.

All public buildings, government offices and privately owned, publicly used buildings including stores and restaurants must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

All public accommodations, including your business, are required to remove barriers if they are "readily achievable", including the entrances, toilet facilities and accessible routes.

For more information see ADA Guide for Small Businesses and guidelines.

Texas Accessibility Standards and the ADA

State and local government have the authority to adopt and enforce their own building codes, but must meet or exceed those contained in the ADA. The Department of justice has certified that the Texas Accessibility Standards meets these requirements.

Texas requires that construction documents and plans for all new business construction or alterations, if the estimated construction costs are $50,000 or more must be submitted to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for review and inspection. Construction projects under this amount are not required to submit plans or documentation, but still have to comply with the Texas Accessibility Standards.

Need Our Help?

Finding a Houston area contractor familiar with handicap accessible code requirements can be a real challenge. We can help! Our services are available to Houston and the surrounding areas, and begins with an evaluation of your business. We can insure that you meet all the requirements of the ADA and Texas Accessibility Standards. Contact us today to see what our experience can do for you!

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