Our most popular shower and bathtub bars provide safety in the bathroom.

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Shower and Bathtub Bars and Safety Rails 

As we age and lose agility, bathing can become difficult. Falls in the bathroom, especially the bathtub, shower areas, are a leading cause of injury. Grab bars and handrails create a safer environment and make it easier to carry out your daily activities and will provide support to help you maintain balance. Not just for the elderly or people with disabilities, everyone will benefit by making it easier to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. Our products increase your independence at home and make it more comfortable!

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#23L #22R
#23L shower grab bar #22R shower grab bar
This Left Hand bar will make getting in and out of the bathtub or shower much easier. When entering the bathtub or shower from the right side, use this Right Hand configuration.
#56L #56R
#56L shower grab bar #56R shower grab bar
Shower bar, Left Hand shown, (dimensions same as #56R). Note: 2 piece construction. Shower bar, Right Hand shown. Note: 2 piece construction.
#27 #46*
#27 bath tub grab bar #46 bath tub grab bar
This bathtub grab bar can be flipped to use in a right or left hand configuration. #46 handrail straddles a free standing bathtub.
#51L* #51R*
#51L bath tub grab bar #51R bath tub grab bar
Bathtub bar, Left Hand shown, (dimensions same as #51R). Bathtub bar, Right Hand shown, also available Left Hand.
#48* #69*
#48 bath tub grab bar #69 shower grab bar
This bathtub grab bar mounts to the wall. This grab bar fits a standard bathtub surround. See details
For custom sizes, contact us with your wall dimensions.
#53L #53R
#53L bath tub grab bar #53R bath tub grab bar
Left Hand shown, (dimensions same as #53R). See note: 2 piece construction. The ultimate in bathtub railing! Right Hand shown. See note: 2 piece construction.
#75 Note: To allow shipment via UPS: Grab bar #53, #56 and long custom bars are fabricated in 2 pieces. They are joined by using the supplied splice kit and internal sleeve. Although the fit is near perfect, there will be a hairline joint.
grab bar splice
#75 grab bar
This grab bar can be flipped to use in a right or left hand configuration.
* Slip joint connections are standard on grab bars marked with *, providing installation and configuration flexibility.


Specifications: 1-1/2" diameter OD, heavy duty, commercial grade, type 304, 18 gauge (.049), brushed satin stainless steel. All bars are shipped with heavy duty concealed set screw flanges.

Dimensions: Grab bars are drawn and manufactured according to centerline dimensions unless noted otherwise. To figure total length, add 1-1/2" for each end flange, add 3/4" to the bar center line dimension and the ADA requirements of 1-1/2" space between the grab bar and wall. For instance; the total wall space required for #75 is 39-3/4" x 27-3/4".

We can help

Adaptive Access specializes in accessible construction and remodeling, we know how important it is to get the right grab bars the first time. We encourage you to take that extra step to contact us and benefit from our experience! We'll be here after your purchase to help with installation or other questions you may have.

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We're always ready to help you with any questions, contact us. We will find the solution to meet your specific needs. We provide every client top quality, low prices and fast, friendly, personable service, guaranteed!

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